Sunday, July 27, 2014

How To Survive and Excel in uniSIM?

uniSIM? Never heard that?

Well.. It stands for SIM University. It is known as a university for working adults.

So, perhaps you might be saying that it must be though to study while working full time? Yes you are right. And I must say many people retake their modules. So, if you are not prepared enough, you may need to resit for your failed module.

But hey, guess what? Here, I am gonna list a couple of tips that you may want to use in order to survive this journey. So, make sure you read carefully!

uniSIM cookbook exposed:

1. Identify your potentials partners.

On your first class for each subject, look around and identify your potentials. Nah no, I am not referring to life partner potential. Just look around and try to identify those who seems smart and/or has the potential to exceed in that subject.

2. Make friends
On your subsequent class, try to approach him/her and make friends.

3. Stay back a little longer

At the end of each class, stay back a little while before you go back home, to study. Prepare some objectives that you have to accomplish before you can go back. Do this consistently and make it a habit. Trust me, you are not gonna study at home most likely.

4. Research

Whatever terms or concepts that you are still not so clear during the lecture, go and research about it. Don't depend on your study guides. Do what 80% of the students do not do. Research more till you understand the concept(s) clearly. 

5. Start your TMAs early

Start your TMAs as early as possible. Ideally, after each class, do your TMA a little bit. The reason for this is that, for each class, it should cover some portion of the TMA. So, while you are still fresh, work on it! If you do 1 question every week for each subject, you won't have problem finishing it by the deadline. Oh and submit your TMA one day before the deadline!

6. Do past year papers

In regards to para 2, for each friends that you make, eventually, try to get each of them to do different past year papers in a soft copy. Then, you can share it among yourselves, OR, you can also share it at ExamAnswers. I have not gotten the time to touch on it properly by the way. So imagine this, if you make let say 3 friends, you are gonna have at least 3 past year papers done in theory, which you can use it as your study notes.

7. Study smart!

Study smart. Don't study hard. You are not gonna have the time to read everything for exams. So, by doing more past year papers, its gonna be a great help. Of course I am not asking you to depends solely on that.

8. Do your TMAs yourself

TMA, do yourself. Don't copy others. Don't do with others. When you do with other people, there is a tendency to take a look at your peers work. As such, its gonna kill your creativity. If you copy from others, you are no different than most students in gahmen Unis. You are not competent, and the degree that you are gonna get, is just a piece of paper. No value. Have some faith in yourself man!

9. Avoid study group

Study group is a bullshit. I am not saying that it is not good. It is good if every member play his role properly. If anyone asked you to join for a study group, ask them to do a past year paper first. If they cannot even finish one past year paper or at least attempt it, what makes you think that they are gonna give you their commitments in your study group? Its clearly means that most likely they will come unprepared, and don't know what to study for exams.
I can't think of anything else for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this! :D

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